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Founded in September 2016, our aim is to supply an ever growing range of quality 16mm scale locomotives and rolling stock kits, specialising in scale models of industrial and unusual prototypes. Do enjoy our website, though do not worry, if you can't find what you are looking for; or if you have any peculiar requests, do ask, we don't bite!

7th April  | National Garden

                            Railway Show

1st/2nd       | Llanfair Garden

Sept                 Railway Show

6th/ 7th      | Yorkshire Garden

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Latest News

Life Always Finds A Way!

As it has a habit of doing, life (and more specifically university) always becomes hectic when you least expect it, so much so that we haven't made an update since before the National Garden Railway Show! Life seems to have finally taken it's steel toe-capped boot off the accelerator so we can finally give you a long overdue, rather long update; and don't worry, we'll make up for our temporary hiatus with some new releases in due course!

Firstly, we would like to thank all of our new and returning customers for making the National Garden Railway Show 2018 our best yet, with all of our shells selling out within the first ten minutes to name one freak occurrence! Both 15 inch and 9.2 inch varieties are now back in stock however.

Between April and June, the FR Bolster Waggons along with the Birkhill Fireclay Mine Hutch, Oxford Circus and Threlkeld Tub have featured in both Garden Rail and SMT, something we are rather proud of!

And last but not least, we would love to see some of the wonderful models built from our kits and be able to feature them in our customer gallery. As a small thank you, emailing us with a picture or posting them to our Facebook page will enter your name into a raffle to win a Birkhill Firelcay Mine Hutch kit of your preferred gauge. Entry into the raffle ends in two weeks time on the 3rd of July so there is still plenty of time to build that kit you have been putting off!

Fire in the Hole! Harecroft goes WW1!

As the summer begins to fade away into autumn, the cobwebs are being dusted off the Harecroft design department desk to reveal a menagerie of upcoming releases and long overdue projects. Subsequently, we can now announce two new products which thankfully have not been on the "to-do" list since WW1!

First of all is the long overdue Oxford Circus Trench Tramway Wagon, the prototype for which was shown at the National Show. A complete kit as always, the Oxford Circus should hopefully bring something different to your front line consists.

You may well now be thinking "what should we load the Oxford Circus with?". Well, we have just the ticket; introducing the 15inch Howitzer Shell. 3D printed in conjunction with SLR Models (visit their excellent site here), the shells are available for £1.50 each unpainted from both parties, or pre-painted, weathered and lettered (as so many were) from us exclusively for £2.50. Stay tuned for more releases soon!

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