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Founded in September 2016, our aim is to supply an ever growing range of quality 16mm scale locomotives and rolling stock kits, specialising in scale models of industrial and unusual prototypes. Do enjoy our website, though do not worry, if you can't find what you are looking for; or if you have any peculiar requests, do ask, we don't bite!

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Five Years of Harecroft!

After what seemed like an eternity, we returned with our trade stand to Elsecar Heritage Centre last weekend for the Yorkshire Garden Railway Show. This was a very significant show for us as, exactly five years previous, Harecroft was opened for business in the autumn of 2016. The stand was very much an afterthought back then; with just the Threlkeld Quarry Tub Wagon, Birkhill Fireclay Mine Hutch, an array of second hand items and a few prototypes quickly and very kindly cut by David Hippey of HGLW. Fast forward to now, pretty much only the table cloth remains the same; the range having expanded to such a point where I desperately need to design some new stand display plinths! All that remains to say on this note is a humongous thank you to all of our customers , both past and present, who over the past five years have stuck with us through the odd delay, email hiccup and indeed the pandemic. It has been our privilege to be able to bring you enjoyment and satisfaction through our designs, and we will endeavour to continue to do so for the next five years and beyond!

So, what does our fifth year in business have in store as we hurtle towards the festive season? I am very happy to report that our first 7/8ths scale release, the John Knowles Clay Tub, is selling far better than expected and a second 7/8ths scale release is now well underway; the beauty being that it will initially be released in 16mm scale first before Christmas, alongside the prolonged re-work of the Beamish Pew Coach. This started out as a purely technical tweak of a few components to aid construction but, as with most things, ended up growing into a partial re-work to include a few changes undertaken to the full size prototype, as well as the inclusion of Slaters wheels. 

Those that attended the Yorkshire Show will have seen our biggest piece of news however; we are making a locomotive! An inevitability; it was bound to happen sooner rather than later and how many years it ages me in the process is yet to be seen, but we very proudly revealed the Lishman & Young Air Compressed locomotive, otherwise known as 'Hissing Sid', at the show. Sold under our new sub-banner of 'Billmore, Holmes and Nunn', the design was undertaken over the course of the previous year by Harry Billmore, Rob Holmes (SLR Models) and myself. A limited batch of ten R-T-R models are to be made and will no doubt all be spoken for promptly if initial interest is anything to go by. Further details and photographs can be found over on our Facebook page (and here in the fullness of time, though there are currently no plans for a second batch).

Last but not least, we always love to see some of the wonderful models built from our kits and be able to feature them in our customer gallery, so why not send us an email or a message via Facebook? KMO (Keep Modelling On)!