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Founded in September 2016, our aim is to supply an ever growing range of quality 16mm scale locomotives and rolling stock kits, specialising in scale models of industrial and unusual prototypes. Do enjoy our website, though do not worry, if you can't find what you are looking for; or if you have any peculiar requests, do ask, we don't bite!

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??st/              | Llanfair Garden

?st Sept          Railway Show

25th             | Yorkshire Garden

Sept                   Railway Show

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Locked Down But By No Means Lasered Out!

We do indeed live in interesting times! Our social media channels and web presence may have been quiet for some while but we have been by no means sitting still, with many a wagon released into the wild. It seems apt that as the UK (and indeed world) is adapting to overcome the Coronavirus, I am getting back to normal after a very turbulent first half to the year. 

Addressing the elephant in the room directly now, orders are currently progressing as normal. However, there will now be only one, limited capacity posting each week and as such, there may be a small delay in receiving your order. Our ply supplier is currently experiencing stock problems, though we still have a reasonable stock of most thicknesses for now

Moving on to lighter news; the Beamish Pew Coach is in the process of receiving a few small design updates before it is formally added to the range. The joys of finishing the model before the full size prototype! Lockdown is being utilised to it's full potential and, as well as some much needed personal modelling, new designs are well underway, including our first release in 7/8ths scale. Small and delightful seems to be a theme emerging among the next three designs: we love to make things difficult don't we? 

Last but not least, we always love to see some of the wonderful models built from our kits and be able to feature them in our customer gallery, so why not send us an email or a message via Facebook? Stay safe and KMO (Keep Modelling On)!