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Founded in September 2016, our aim is to supply an ever growing range of quality 16mm scale locomotives and rolling stock kits, specialising in scale models of industrial and unusual prototypes. Do enjoy our website, though do not worry, if you can't find what you are looking for; or if you have any peculiar requests, do ask, we don't bite!

27th  Apr  | National Garden

                            Railway Show

NA               | Llangollen Garden

                           Railway Show

28th Sep  | Yorkshire Garden

                           Railway Show

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Latest News

Six Years To A Slate Wagon!

Well, it was inevitable; it may have taken six years, but we finally caved and have 'done' a slate wagon. Our Penrhyn Quarry Railway 'Ratcliffe' Pattern Slate Wagon is an accurate representation of the second batch ordered for the quarry which, by no fluke, compliments Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works "Midland" pattern variant perfectly. This was another endeavour undertaken as a challenge, with the question this time being "is it possible to make a relatively drop-proof slate wagon"? Safe to say after some deliberate (and accidental) six-foot drops, they pass the test. However, I think it's also safe to say it will be a few more years before we take on another conventional slate wagon.
So, in other news to our usual peculiar prototypical standards; the Beamish Colliery Hutch and 7/8ths Crewe Works Cast Wagon have hit the website at last. The latter is our previously promised second 7/8ths release after the success of the John Knowles Clay Tubs. A bolster wagon variant (for carrying boilers) has also been produced and will be released in due course, along with an accurate boiler for them to carry. Carrying on the 7/8ths theme; a new 7/8ths Scratch Aid page has been created under our Parts & Detailing section, featuring another new but familiar item. We can now supply a 7/8ths Threlkeld Tub Body; an upscaled, fully riveted version of our original and ever popular 16mm Threlkeld Tub Wagon's body. Previously 'off-list'; a close friend's use of them encouraged us to pull them to the fore, albeit still produced to order.
Perhaps this Christmas may finally see the prolonged re-work of the Beamish Pew Coach, but a further new release has every look of overtaking it yet again. Sadly, this Christmas will also see our first price rise, ever! Our Ffestiniog Bolster Waggons will increase from £56 to £60 on the 1st January 2023. As much as we hate the idea of higher prices (even just a meager £4), the increase in Slater's prices and the complexity of the kit have forced our hands. We will honour the old price until midnight on the 31st December 2022.
Last but not least, and to end on a warmer note, we always love to see some of the wonderful models built from our kits and be able to feature them in our Customer Gallery, so why not send us an email or a message via Facebook? KMO (Keep Modelling On)! 

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