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Credit: Barry Fitzpatrick (PQRS)

Penrhyn Quarry Railway
"Ratcliffe" Pattern Slate Wagon

32mm Gauge Only

Length: 120mm

Width: 65mm

Height: 53mm

£55 each 

As with nearly all the Welsh quarries served by railways, most had their own variation of dressed slate "basket" wagon; Penrhyn being no exception. Three types of iron slate wagons saw use at Penrhyn; the unbraked "Ratcliffe" pattern formed the second batch ordered for the quarry with 150 wagon bodies being constructed by Ratcliffe Foundry and completed at Felin Fawr during the 1880's. Marginally smaller in size than the earlier "De Winton" and later "Midland" pattern; at the end of their working lives very few made their way into preservation.

Designed by Harry Billmore and manufactured to order; this highly accurate kit is comprised of a one-piece sintered nylon body, our own sintered nylon wheels to the correct diameter and laser cut individual floor planks. Coupling hooks are omitted to allow your own choice of Binnie, Slaters or a simple bent wire. As close to ready to run as you can make a kit; these wagons should readily survive any bumps, bangs or collisions that may occur out on your line due to the high flexibility of thin printed nylon. Combined with Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works "Midland" and "De Winton" pattern slate wagons, it is now possible to model most later-era Penrhyn slate trains.

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