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Running Gear


Robert Hudson Ltd produced thousands of "Rugga" pattern skip wagons, making  them one of the most prolific wagons seen on narrow gauge railways across the globe. Needless to say, countless more axleboxes were  produced, not just for the aforementioned wagons. 3D printed in sintered nylon, our super detailed version of the popular Hudson box aims to add that "finescale touch" to both skips and other variants. Featuring a 3mm bore for Binnie compatibility, they are also ideal for any industrial scratchbuilding endeavour you may decide to embark on.

20 Bearings (5 Sets): £8

40 Bearings (10 Sets): £15

Hudson Super Detailed Axleboxes

3mm Acrylic Pedestal Bearings

Multi-purpose pedestal bearings for use with 3mm axle. Uses range from axleboxes to hinges.  

Length: 16mm   Width: 3mm   Height: 6mm

4 Bearings (1 Set): 50p

20 Bearings (5 Sets): £2.00


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