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Threlkeld Quarry Runner Wagon

32mm Gauge Only

Length: 80mm

Width: 42mm

Height: 25.2mm

£11 each

Threlkeld Quarry originally opened in 1870 to supply railway ballast to the Penrith-Keswick line. Later, the stone was used by the Manchester Corporation Water Works for their Thirlmere scheme, for railway ballast on the Crewe-Carlisle line, and for road stone, kerbing and facing buildings. The granite quarry finally closed in 1982 and is now the site for the Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum. As per the Threlkeld Tub Wagon, the wagon this kit depicts is not native to the quarry, nor is its exact use exactly known, though due to its rather small size and construction, it can be assumed that it spent its working life as either a slab sled or a runner wagon.

Comprised of laser cut ply components, the kit is complete with wheels, axles, couplings and Cambrian rivets, plus two flooring options; one as a single engraved piece, the other made up of separate planks contained in a fret.

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