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London Lead Company Hopper

32mm Gauge Only

Length: 125mm

Width: 40mm

Height: 56mm

£16 each

The London Lead Company, owned by Quaker industrialists, was chartered in 1692 and began extracting ore in Teesdale in 1753, owning many operations such as Nenthead, Killhope and Cornish Hush, the latter being home to Samson, a Stephen Lewin overtype now re-created by Beamish. The company finally wound up in 1905 after over 200 years of mining. The hopper wagon this kit is a model of could be found at many of the company’s mines, all with slight variations (strapping, square or round ended frames etc). Many can still be seen at Killhope today, although this kit is more specifically based on the newly restored example at Beamish.

Comprised of laser cut ply components, this highly detailed kit is complete with wheels, axles, couplings, pre-cut styrene strapping and Cambrian rivets.

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