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Ffestiniog Railway Bolster

Waggons (Pair)

32mm Gauge Only

Length: 100mm

Width: 64mm

Height: 88mm

£60 Per Pair

Originally built by the Ffestiniog’s Boston Lodge Works in the late 19th century, they were used to convey long loads, such as logs and sawn timber, up and down the Welsh line. With a maximum loading of 9 tons per pair, these wagons may have appeared eccentric but were incredibly functional, being designed so that a standard 2 ton slate wagon could be used as a match truck between the two bolsters. Three survived into preservation, albeit in a heavily modified state, and were subsequently rebuilt into their original form in 2016 as a pair of bolsters and a slate wagon.

Comprised of  laser cut ply components, this highly detailed kit is complete with pre-cut styrene strapping, Cambrian rivet/bolt heads and 3D printed details, accompanied by Slaters axleboxes, couplings, wheels and brass top-hat bearings . One kit contains two wagons.

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