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Beamish Colliery
Hutch (Pair)

32mm Gauge Only

Length: 69mm

Width: 52mm

Height: 47mm

£46 Per Pair 

Colliery hutches were used in the majority of collieries up and down the country; often being made on site or by local foundries, resulting in a wide variety of design variations to suit their purpose. Our colliery hutch is an exact model of the most common type seen at Beamish Museum, which in turn is a typical "Wearside" pattern of hutch. Most likely made by or made on site using forgings from Joseph Cook and Sons; the Washington (Durham) based firm is technically still in existence today after amalgamating with the Grange Iron Company in 1926.

This highly accurate kit is comprised of laser cut ply components and features correct pattern sintered nylon bearings, our signature pre-cut styrene strapping and Slaters wheels, complemented by sintered nylon body and coupling details, designed for us by James Hilton.

Sold in PAIRS, this is our only kit to date to NOT include Cambrian rivets due to it requiring either 1mm or 1.2mm heads. As a result, we recommend either using pins, nail art jewels or, as we swear by, a set of RP Toolz rivet punches.

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