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7/8ths John Knowles
Clay Tub

32mm Gauge Only

Length: 75mm

Width: 47mm

Height: 45.5mm

£45 each / 4 for £170

Hauled in rakes of between eight and thirteen, predominantly by the 18” gauge Hunslets ‘Gwen’ and ‘Jack’, and known on the John Knowles system as ‘boxes’, these wagons were used to transport clay from the pits to a standard gauge transhipment dock for further transportation. Their diminutive dimensions were dictated by the size of the pit cages, allowing them to be worked above and below ground. At the peak of the railway’s existence, there were in excess of two hundred in use, with later examples featuring steel frames and welded bodies. A small number of both variations have survived into preservation.

Designed with Harry Billmore, this highly accurate kit features a resin cast body and frames, accompanied by lost wax cast running gear and Slaters wheels. Despite being 7/8ths scale, it's diminutive size makes it equally well suited to running behind any 16mm scale industrial as well as the prototypical 7/8ths scale Hunslet Waril class!

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