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7/8ths Crewe Works
Cast Wagon

32mm Gauge Only

Length: 76mm

Width: 56mm

Height: 20mm

£22.50 each 

Three "types" of wagons were used across the internal (LNWR) Crewe Works 18" narrow gauge system to serve the needs of the ever-busy workshops. The cast-iron wagons were a development of the earlier and equally prolific wooden wagons, except being cast in one piece. Weighing in at 1/2 ton each and capable of carrying a shared weight of 2 tons between a bolster pair, these wagons were used on large in the Steel Works to carry hot, heavy ingots, castings, mould boxes and, of course, boilers, though they soon spread to see use in other areas of the works. Their dimensional similarity to their predecessors allowed a degree of interchangeability; the removable wooden tops being able to be added to the cast wagons when needed.

Designed by Harry Billmore and, true to prototype, our kit is manufactured in one piece, albeit sintered nylon printed instead of cast in iron. A perfect complement to the Loco Remote "Tiny", all that is left to the builder is a choice of coupling method; both a prototypical bar or John Knowles "hook and link" would be suitable.

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